Jim Souhan wrote a good column on finding a franchise quarterback and Vikings offensive coordinator Norv Turner’s experience with quarterbacks that didn't fit the mold.

Vikings general manager previously said in a television interview that he would lean on Turner’s expertise to evaluate the position. Here’s some leftovers from Turner’s  press conference on Thursday on the Vikings’ biggest need on offense.

On the key to developing a young quarterback

“First of all it’s a given that you have to get a guy that has the skill set that you need. And then to me, the guys that come on the fastest are the ones that come into a good situation, a situation with good people around him. And obviously we just talked about it, when you have the No. 1 defense in the league (in the Seahawks), it’s easier to play the quarterback position. It helps you. They have done a great job with what they do offensively, so I think a guy has to stand on his own, but when you have good people around him it certainly helps.”

On the skill set he looks for in a quarterback

I think this league has gotten to a point where the mental part of it is really, really critical; guys that can grasp concepts, who can make quick decisions, guys who understand how to play the game. That is easier said than done, after that the physical skill set it takes to play and to me accuracy is an important as any skill in terms being a passer. You look at all the great passers in there, the starting point is that they have great accuracy. People get caught up in arm strength, but I think when a guy is open, being able to hit him and I think that guys are able to play under the culmination of physical pressure of playing the game and the mental pressure of playing the game.”

On if size and height are important

“I coached Drew Brees as a rookie and he had a knack for finding and seeing things. Russell Wilson obviously does a great job of moving of finding things. I don’t think height limits you. The guy you are most familiar with that I coached and had one of the best years of his career was Brad Johnson. He is a taller guy, so there are so many different body types that have played and played well. I don’t get caught up in that."

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