Of the 1,177 killed in the sinking of the USS Arizona, 27 were from Minnesota. They are:

Delbert J. Anderson

Sam A. Benford

Albert R. Blanchard

Lawrence J. Cihlar

Richard N. Dahlheimer

Alvin A. Dvorak

Vincent H. Eberhart

Stanley G. Enger

George A. Filkins

Edward Hanzel

Merrit C. Helm

Rolan G. Howard

Donald S. Hultman

Walter E. Koch

Fred J. Krause

William J. Lovshin

Henry C. Nelson

Leland G. Ostrander

George V. Rasmusson

Sherly R. Sampson

Vernon J. Schmidt

Earl C. Sletto

Halge H. Smestad

Franklin Van Valkenbergh

Walter A. Vojta

William P. Weidell

John J. Wicklund


For more information on the USS Arizona and the Pearl Harbor attack, websites include that of the National Park Service, which maintains the USS Arizona Memorial:


• the University of Arizona: speccoll.library.arizona.edu/exhibits/ussarizona