Rec centers operated by the city, 25: Arlington (to be part of the Payne-Maryland center in 2014), Battle Creek, Conway, Dayton's Bluff, Duluth and Case, Edgcumbe, El Rio Vista, Groveland, Hancock, Hayden Heights, Hazel Park, Hillcrest, Jimmy Lee, Langford, Linwood, Martin Luther King, McDonough, Merriam Park, North Dale, Northwest Como, Palace, Phalen, Rice, Scheffer, West Minnehaha.

Rec centers operated under service partnerships, 14: Baker (Augsburg College), Desnoyer (Kids Park), Dunning (Arts Us), Eastview (Brunette Boxing and Twin City Barbell), Frost Lake (St. Paul Public Schools), Griggs (Leonardo's Basement), Highwood Hills (St. Paul Public Schools), Homecroft (St. Paul Public Schools), Margaret (Hmong Youth Education Services), Orchard (Blackhawks Soccer), South St. Anthony (Joy of the People Soccer), St. Clair (West 7th Community Services), Valley/Mt. Airy/Franklin (Twin Cities Boys & Girls Clubs), Wilder (City Academy).

Rec centers operated entirely by Twin Cities Boys & Girls Clubs, 2: Sackett, West Side.

Source: St. Paul Parks and Recreation Department