E-mailer Tom, his dad and apparently a very young Joel Maturi in Chisholm

E-mailer Tom, his dad and apparently a very young Joel Maturi in Chisholm

For Monday's paper, we wrote about buying a box of 1989 Fleer baseball cards for $10 at TwinsFest and ripping open every single pack on the spot. What we didn't mention is that, because we were going home on the light rail and already had our hands somewhat full with other purchases, we only kept the "good" cards and left the rest inside the box for someone else to find. Well, the man who found it -- Tom -- e-mailed us. Here is part of what he had to say:

Hello, My name is Tom, and I am originally from Chisholm, Minnesota. I was at TwinsFest and as I was leaving I came across the open wrappers and box of cards. This discovery was special for me, too, as I taught in Yonkers, New York during the 1988-89 school year.

While probably not the most valuable cards left over, there were some significant ones that I found left behind. The Kirk Gibson card stands out the most to me because that was the year he hit the home run for the Dodgers to turn the World Series around against the A's.

I found an Oakland A's card featuring Jose Canseco and Mark McGuire on either side of Terry Steinbach, plus Terry's individual card. Many Twins from the 1987 World Champions were still on the team, Tim Laudner, Al Newman, Steve Lombardozzi, Gary Gaetti, Randy Bush, Jeff Reardon, and Juan "Senor Smoke" Berenguer to name a few.

Some of my all-time favorites were still playing at the time including Tommy John, Dave Concepcion, Dave Parker, Dwight Evans and Darryl Strawberry, who was 1991 Mr. Minnesota Basketball Joel McDonald's favorite player.

That was personally a very special time for me as Field of Dreams came out in early 1989. I got to see my first game at Yankee Stadium when I lived out there. Even though I have all these great memories from that time, 1989 was the year I lost my father, who is a charter member of the Minnesota Softball Hall of Fame.

We love getting letters like that -- sentimental and honest, even if there is a touch of sadness at the end. It's just a little reminder of human connections, even if they come from something as simple as timing and baseball cards.

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