There are many options for finishing the charlotte. Any flavor of mousse or custard would work. Here are some ideas, beyond the lemon curd and mousse, to get you started.

• Layer of melted chocolate on base, topped with chocolate mousse and fresh raspberries.

• Chocolate mousse with layers of grated chocolate, mini chocolate chips or toasted finely chopped nuts.

• Strawberry mousse (strawberry purée mixed in with whipped cream) with diced berries atop

• Vanilla custard with toasted shredded coconut in layers (for a coconut cream pie effect).

• Vanilla custard with layers of bananas and graham cracker crumbs or vanilla wafer crumbs (for a banana cream pie effect). Perhaps a drizzle of melted chocolate.

• Two flavors of mousse or custard for a layered effect.

• Butterscotch custard with whipped cream.

• Ice cream of any flavor. (You would need to store charlotes in freezer to keep chilled.) Top with berries or grated chocolate before serving.