Beverly Burrell, the Twin Cities drug dealer already in prison for selling lethal doses of a heroin mixture to two men, has been convicted of murder in the overdose death of a former Marine from St. Cloud. Two more cases against her involving drug fatalities are pending.

Burrell, 32, of Maplewood, was found guilty Monday by Sherburne County District Judge Walter Kaminsky of third-degree murder and third-degree sale of a controlled substance in connection with the April 2016 death of Dustin Peltier, 31, a Marine veteran who suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Burrell was sentenced in September in Hennepin County District Court to more than 14 years in prison for supplying the heroin that killed 21-year-old Max Tillitt, of Eden Prairie, and 20-year-old Luke Ronnei, of Chanhassen.

She’s serving the first eight-plus years in prison and the balance on supervised release for the Hennepin County cases, but she faces the prospect of more prison time at her June 14 sentencing for Peltier’s death.

Investigators used phone and Google search records to tie Burrell to Peltier’s death in St. Cloud.

Carla Peltier said at the time that Burrell was charged that her son had planned to go back into treatment for the addiction that overtook him after he began self-medicating to escape the nightmares he suffered after two tours in Iraq.

“He would go to treatment, do well, and then he would fall back again,” Carla Peltier said.

“He would come home for the holidays and he would seclude himself. Slowly we would lose him again.”

Burrell still faces murder charges involving the deaths of Nick Petrick, 29, of New Prague, and of an unidentified man living in a sober house in Columbia Heights. The charges include the allegation that she knowingly sold heroin mixed with fentanyl and/or methamphetamine.