Talked to Wolves forward Anthony Tolliver over the weekend about clinics he's conducting in tornado-ravaged Joplin, Mo., on Wednesday and other stuff.

Tolliver was born, raised and still lives in Springfield, Mo., about 75 miles away from Joplin.

He is there today to get a first-hand look at the devastation and on Wednesday will hold two clinics -- mostly games, autograph and photo opportunities with Tolliver and former Southwest Missouri State players -- for kids from kindergarten age to eighth grade.

The particulars for anyone -- or anyone who knows anyone -- in that part of the world:

* The clinics will be held at the Sports Park of Southwest Missouri (1107 N. Prosperity, Joplin, Mo.). The 9 a.m. session is for K-5th, the 1 p.m. session is for 6th-8th. You can register campers at email at

"We're going to handle as many kids who want to come," Tolliver said. "I really don't have any clue how many will. If 30 kids show up, that's 30 we're helping. I don't care about the number. I'm not expecting anything other than the fact we want to help kids, help get kids' minds off things that kids shouldn't be worrying about. Their houses are gone. All their things are gone. People are trying to figure out just where they can eat. Those are all things kids shouldn't be worrying about."

I also asked about these topics:

* Still not knowing the future of coach Kurt Rambis:

A.T.:  "I don't really deal with that stuff. It's not a big deal. We don't need a coach right now. That's not saying anything about Kurt or any other coach. The only two teams that need coaches right now are Miami and Dallas. Everybody else is hanging. I hope for his sake something gets resolved, so he's not sitting at home wondering what's going on.I supported Kurt all year and I still support him to this day. But if the team decides to go in a different direction, that's where we're going."

He did say Reggie Theus is scheduled to come to Springfield to work him out this month, before he gets married on June 19 and heads to Bora Bora for his honeymoon. Guess the assistant coaches are proceeding to work until somebody tells them not to, just like Rambis did with those workouts at Target Center the last two weeks.

* He's the team's union player rep. He said he was more optimistic now than he was at the end of the season that there will be an agreement permitting a full 82-game season, although he left open the possibility that it could be played in more condensed fashion, meaning negotiations that stretch on into the fall.

* He sounded intrigued by playing with Rubio, a guy being billed as a pass-first point guard. And he told a story about playing with LeBron during his first NBA training camp and getting a pass rifled straight into his numbers that he didn't catch because he wasn't expecting. He said he'd be glad to take a couple of passes in the face if Rubio is that kind of player.

That is all for now.

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