Barack Obama all but erased Hillary Rodham Clinton's once-imposing lead among superdelegates on Friday, picking up the backing of five superdelegates, including Rep. Donald Payne of New Jersey, who had been a Clinton supporter.

Clinton gained one superdelegate.

The developments left Clinton with 271.5 superdelegates, to 268 for Obama.

The movement toward Obama increased the pressure on Clinton to at least refrain from divisive remarks, particularly in the wake of her comments on Wednesday that lower-income white voters will not support Obama if he becomes the Democratic nominee. Aides now say she regrets the comments. Still, Clinton vowed Friday to fight on.


Did John Edwards inadvertently tip off who he supports during an interview on MSNBC?

On "Morning Joe," host Mika Brzezinski pressed Edwards on his potential endorsement in the Democratic race. "I just voted for him on Tuesday, so ...," Edwards said at one point.

Fellow host David Shuster interrupted: "So it was a him or a her that you voted for?"

Laughing, Edwards backpedaled: "No, no."

So did he tip his hand? It all depends on whether he said "him" or "'em."