Minneapolis police officers Ryan Kelly Justin Schmidt fatally shot Thurman Blevins, 31, on June 23 during a foot chase while responding to a 911 call reporting a man firing a gun into the air and ground on a north Minneapolis street on June 23. The Minneapolis Police Department on Sunday released footage from both officers' body cameras, as well as a version of the two videos enhanced, stabilized and analyzed by a California forensic video firm. Here is a breakdown of key moments in those videos. It is not a complete transcript. This article contains graphic content and language.

VideoVideo (02:25): The 31-year-old was shot by officers five weeks ago after a 911 caller reported a man shooting a gun in the air and into the ground. The video appears to show a gun in Blevins' hand shortly before shots were fired.

At 5:26 p.m. on June 23, a 911 caller reported a man firing a handgun into the air and ground near the intersection of Bryant St. and 46th Ave. in north Minneapolis. The caller offered a detailed description of a possibly intoxicated, African-American male in his mid-30s, 6 feet tall and 180 pounds, with a light complexion and tapered hair. The suspect was wearing a "white or gray" tank top, and was carrying a silver nine-millimeter handgun, black backpack and a bottle of Amsterdam gin, the caller said.

Minneapolis police officers Ryan Kelly and Justin Schmidt responded to the call in their squad car and spotted Thurman Blevins sitting on a sidewalk at 5:33 p.m.

5:33:49 p.m.

As the officers approach Blevins in their car, Schmidt says, "He's got a bottle of gin."

5:33:57 p.m.

After pulling closer to Blevins, Schmidt says, "He's got a gun!" and the two officers exit the vehicle.

5:33:59 p.m.

Schmidt yells, "Put your [expletive] hands up now!" Blevins appears on camera for the first time. A bottle and a black backpack are visible next to him. Blevins stands up and begins to run away from the officers, carrying the bottle in his right hand. In the enhanced video, the frame freezes and an object in the waistband of Blevins' shorts is circled in red, which according to investigators is a handgun.

5:34:02 p.m.

The officers repeatedly order Blevins to stop as they chase on foot. Both officers have their guns drawn. Schmidt again yells, "Put your [expletive] hands up!"

5:34:05 p.m.

As he continues to run away, Blevins turns and yells, "Stop!" Schmidt again orders Blevins to put his hands up.

5:34:08 p.m.

Schmidt, who is following Blevins more closely than Kelly, yells, "I will [expletive] shoot you!" Schmidt has his gun trained on Blevins.

5:34:16 p.m.

Still running down the street, Blevins yells, "I didn't do nothing, bro!" Schmidt shouts back, "You've got a gun, [expletive]!" Blevins turns to cross the street and yells, "No!" Schmidt responds, "Yes you do!"

5:34:21 p.m.

Blevins drops the bottle in the middle of the street. "It's right there," he says as he continues running.

5:34:26 p.m.

With his gun aimed at Blevins, Schmidt repeatedly orders him to "put it down!" Blevins responds, "It's back there!" Schmidt yells, "I will [expletive] shoot you!" Blevins shouts, "Don't shoot me please!"

5:34:29 p.m.

Schmidt orders Blevins to put his hands up. As he rounds the corner into an alley, Blevins responds, "Please don't shoot me."

5:34:32 p.m.

Now in the alley, Schmidt yells, "Put your hands up!" Blevins responds, "Leave me alone!"

5:34:35 p.m.

In Schmidt's bodycam video, Blevins appears to be reaching for something at his waist on the right side of his body.

5:34:36 p.m.

In the enhanced video, the frame freezes and a light-colored object is circled in red. Investigators say Blevins drew his gun.

5:34:36 p.m.

A fraction of a second later, the frame freezes and the object is circled again.

5:34:36 p.m.

Another fraction of a second later, Schmidt fires his handgun repeatedly. Kelly begins firing as well.

5:34:37 p.m.

In the enhanced video, the frame freezes as Blevins begins to fall. The object in his hand is circled again.

5:34:38 p.m.

Blevins falls to the ground. An object that appears to drop from his hand can be seen on the ground to the left of his body. A moment later, the enhanced video ends. In Schmidt's bodycam video, Kelly can be heard reporting on his radio, "Shots fired. Shots fired. One down." Additional police officers have arrived at the scene.

5:34:48 p.m.

Schmidt approaches with his gun still trained on Blevins, who is bleeding on the ground. An object that appears to be a handgun can be seen more clearly to the left of Blevins. Another officer approaches to kick the gun away from Blevins. An officer calls for the alley to be cleared for an ambulance. Schmidt's bodycam video ends.