What's a hot dog without mustard? Nate Beck, whose hot-dog food cart has racked up serious mileage traversing the Twin Cities since last year's opening, now offers what he calls a "grown-up version of a classic," Natedogs Honey-Spiced Mustard. (The label notes that it's so good "you won't need ketchup!" and I have to agree.)

The location of his food cart varies daily; you can find where he will be each day online at natedogs.com or on Twitter @nate_dogs.

Or scout for the long line of hungry customers near a hot dog cart. That will be the very dapper Nate at the helm, dishing up the dogs.

Which is a good way to check out the new mustard: Try some on his free-range hot dogs (I know, I know: The image of hot dogs scampering in the field makes me laugh, too) from Pastures-A-Plenty Farms. LEE SVITAK DEAN

$6 (10.5 oz.); currently available only at the food cart or online at natedogs.com.