Interesting announcement from 2K Sports today that threatens to ROCK THE VERY FOUNDATION OF THE FRIENDSHIP BETWEEN TWINS MVP AWARD WINNERS. (Thanks to RandBall pal Jeff for passing it along):

In addition to cover athlete Evan Longoria, third baseman for the Tampa Bay Rays, 2K Sports announced today that they have partnered with seven additional elite baseball superstars to help promote Major League Baseball 2K10. The players will form an impressive council, who will serve as active spokesmen and invaluable gameplay advisors for the title this season. These seven players were selected not only for their excellence on the baseball diamond, but also for their commitment and desire to help create the most authentic MLB video game to date.

One of those 7 players? None other than Twins first baseman and 2006 MVP Justin Morneau. Now, the 2009 MVP, former Morneau roommate, friend and partner in pursuit of sandwiches -- speaking here of course of Joe Mauer -- would probably be happy for his pal in most situations. But we wonder just how he feels considering Mauer is the cover boy for MLB 10 The Show, a definite rival game.

This is the kind of video game schism that can tear a clubhouse apart. (OK, not really).

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