A half-dozen cool things in music, from two points of view:

David Byrne and St. Vincent, State Theatre. A pleasant, eclectic, brass-dominated show in a comfortable setting. But it made me want to go crank "Remain in Light," wishing for more Talking Heads songs.

Jesus and Mary Chain, First Avenue. Sobriety rears a tight, greatest-hits show but one that was still dominated by speaker-shredding fuzz guitars and bass. It still amazes me these industro- goth guys got attention in the States back in the day.

Allman Brothers, "A/R Studios 8/26/71." Solid, classic Duane Allman-era set, live in the studio, that rivals the Fillmore sets. Superior sound.

TIM MCKENNA, Minneapolis

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"With the Beatles" by Robert Whitaker. He was the Fab Four's "official" photographer from 1964-66, including the infamous butcher LP cover. Many of these photos haven't been published before. It's a mix of the playful, precious and priceless -- including Paul McCartney practicing next to a Minnesota Twins equipment case.

Twin Cities funk and soul party, the Cedar. Organized to promote Secret Stash's new compilation of local R&B circa 1970, this was a treat for young hipsters and old boomers. Highlights: the Valdons and a Maurice Jacox/ Willie Walker duet.

PSY's "Gangnam Style" goes to No. 2 in Billboard. The giddy/goofy viral sensation could become the next "Macarena."