A prolonged lack of rain this spring has caused the water in some of the area's trout streams to become crystal clear. Ultra clear water enables predators, like herons, eagles, kingfishers and anglers to spot and target fish with little difficulty. Likewise, the trout can also see predators more clearly, making any approach toward their holding lies more difficult. To avoid becoming an easy meal, trout will move to deeper water and congregate. The depth of the water provides protection from predators and enables them to use less energy than holding in faster water. Trout are opportunists, they love to eat. Smaller, less educated fish will risk their lives to consume food in dangerous locations, sometimes to their demise. Larger fish seem to know the benefits of deeper holding water and only stray during low light situations. Never pass up the opportunity to fish the deeper pools in trout rivers. Whether you can see the fish or not, they are less likely to spook in deeper water and many times give you the chance to fish over them because they feel you present little threat. A good trout angler knows differently.

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