A bear has been sited "bounding through Woodbury,"  according to a report posted today by the Woodbury Bulletin.





According to a police report, a Woodbury woman called at 5:18 a.m. to report that she saw it moving northbound through a wetland area west of Woodbury Lakes and east of the vacant State Farm Insurance Co. building property. The bear was last seen moving northwest in a wooded area north of a swamp, the news site reported.

Police couldn't find it. But a man walking his dog  also reported seeing it. The man told police the bear had traveled across Hudson Road from the swampy area south of Woodbury Lakes.

Police said the bear might have wandered away down a large storm water culvert under Interstate 94, which an officer said appeared large enough to conceal a bear. The culvert also was in the bear’s general direction of travel. Let's hope he finds his way under the highway.  Bears and suburbs just aren't a good combination. 

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