Tuesday's morning rush hour had few crashes and just enough congestion in and around work zone to make the drive to work a tad slow.

The southwest metro had it the worst as the northbound 169 closure at 494 had drivers heading in different directions. Westbound and northbound 494 absorbed most of that traffic.  That made for longer than usual commute times from Hwy. 212 up to 494.

Eastbound Hwy. 212 saw more traffic than usual, but nothing that added more than a few minutes to the drive.

Westbound 94 had the usual cluster heading into downtown St. Paul, but the closure of the ramp to northbound 35E didn't produce any major headaches. That ramp will be closed for the next four weeks.

That's it for today. I will be back Wednesday with more live blogging about the drive to work.


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