The deer and the antelope decided that I-35W in south Minneapolis was the place to play, but their appearances did not end happy.

One was hit by a car near 58th Street around 6 a.m., and shortly after police had to corner and shoot another at the 46th Street Station.  That one forced police to briefly shut down 35W in both directions.

That drama aside, commuters enjoyed a stress-free drive as traffic moved at a reasonable pace on most major routes. We barely had any congestion and only a couple of reported crashes, which helped things move.

A late rush hour crash on Hwy. 5 at Bavaria Road looked violent as one of the two vehicles involved landed on its side. Police are on the scene directing traffic past the scene.

Look out for a couple vehicle on the right shoulder of northbound 35W at 35th Street. They are well off the road and not having much of an impact on the traffic flow.

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