Rollovers were definitely the story of the morning with at least eight reported during the morning rush hour.

The northern suburbs saw they bulk of them with early flipped vehicles tangling traffic on I94 and I694 between Maple Grove and Brooklyn Center. They started on Hwy. 169 at 77th Avenue and continued throughout the rush.  At present, authorities are dealing with the one at Humboldt Avenue on westbound 694.

Other overturned vehicles were reported on I-94 at Mounds Blvd. in St. Paul (just cleared out) and on the ramp from eastbound Hwy. 610 to University Avenue (that is currently closed).

Our current hotspots also include a crash on eastbound 94 at Hiawatha Avenue with a crash on the right shoulder.

The left lane of westbound 494 is blocked with a spinout at the Fish Lake Interchange.

The left shoulder of eastbound 394 is blocked with a fender bender at Xenia Avenue. It's still 13 minutes from 494 to downtown Minneapolis. Expect a minor ramp jam on Dunwoody Blvd. due to a crash on Dunwoody at Linden Avenue.

I'll be back Wednesday morning with more live blogging with traffic reports. The Drive also answers readers' questions so send them along to or leave a comment here.

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