It's getting busy on 94. Westbound plan on 17 minutes from Ruth Street to Hwy. 280. It's 15 minutes eastbound from Hwy. 101 in Rogers to 494 in Maple Grove.

Closer to Minneapolis, the right lane is blocked on southbound 94 at 7th Street. Look for backups beginning at Lowry Avenue.

On eastbound Hwy. 212, a rollover accident has the right lane blocked at Shady Oak Road. It's tight from Flying Cloud Drive.

Look for a stall blocking the left turn lane on northbound Hwy. 280 at Broadway Street.

The toughes drive of the morning is on westbound Hwy. 36 from 35E to 35W, and on 35W from 95th Avenue to Hennepin Avenue. It's 30 minutes from 95th to downtown Minneapolis.

Look for a wreck on the merge from southbound 35W to eastbound 694.

A Metro Transit bus is blocking the carpool lane on eastbound 394 at Hwy. 169. Traffic is tight all the way to Dunwoody Blvd.

Technicans are on the scene, working to fix the crossing arms at Sunfish Lake and Ramsey Blvd. They've been stuck in the down position for more than an hour. No delays on the Northstar Commuter Line, Metro Transit said.


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