The beautiful rush hour drive went sour in a hurry for west metro drivers. A stalled vehicle on southbound 494 at Minnetonka Blvd. has been pushed from the center lane to the right shoulder. But it was enough to choke traffic through Minnetonka and Plymouth.

At present, the backup extends back to Bass Lake Road, making for a 31 minute trip from the Fish Lake split to the Crosstown.

The heavy conditions on 494 is creating a ramp jam from eastbound Hwy. 12/394 to southbound 494. In that, we have a fender bender adding to the misery.

Southbound 100 is dealing with a stalled vehicle at Duluth Street.  Look for slow traffic through St. Louis Park with things loosening south of 36th Street.

Northbound 169 is struggling from Canterbury Road to 494. A crash has been moved to the right shoulder at Anderson Lake Pkwy.  Plan on 15 to 18 minutes to reach 494.

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