With two crashes long gone, the drive on northbound 35 through Lakeville has returned to normal.

That's not the case in other parts of the metro, especially on 494 through Bloomington and Woodbury. The scanner has been active all morning with the State Patrol and tow trucks responding to numerous crashes. The latest are on northbound 494 at Valley Creek Road and another ahead at Tamarack Road.

The westbound drive is much better with only 20 minutes needed from Valley Creek to Hwy. 110. In Bloomington it's 27 minutes from Hwy. 5 to Hwy. 100. A crash at France Avenue has just cleared out.

In the west, southbound 494 is still a nightmare. Plan on 60 minutes from 94 to 394.

Traffic is quickly backing up on westbound Crosstown due to a crash at Cedar. Brake lights come on at 43rd Street.


This driver slipped off the ramp from 494 to 169

This driver slipped off the ramp from 494 to 169



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