The snow has turned the roads slushy and slick, and as a result a number of crashes and spin outs.

Here is a sampler:

Eastbound 694 at 35E where a vehicle is hung up on the guard rail. On the westbound side, look for a crash at Hwy. 36.

On westbound Hwy. 10, the left lane is blocked at Main Street with a wreck.

A spin out is blocking the right shoulder on eastbound Hwy. 36 at Lexington Avenue.

The tightest traffic is on the eastbound Crosstown from 28th Avenue over to Hwy. 100. That is 24 minutes. Westbound has slow downs from Hwy. 100 to 35W.

Look for pockets of congestion on northbound Hwy. 169 from Hwy. 101 to 494. That is about 17 minutes.


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