The difficult commute continues on most major routes. Here are current drive times:

Westbound 94 from Manning Avenue to downtown St. Paul, 27 minutes.

Westbound 94 from downtown St. Paul to downtown Minneapolis, 18 minutes.

On Hwy. 169, it's 34 minutes from 94 to the Crosstown. Northbound it's 19 minutes from Crosstown to 394.

On Hwy. 100, it's 37 minutes heading south from 94 to Hwy. 7. Northbound it's 20 minutes from the Crosstown to 394.

On 694, it's 28 minutes heading east from Hwy. 252 to 35E. Westbound is 36 minutes.

On southbound 35W, it's 38 minutes heading south from Lexington Avenue to Hwy. 280.

On westbound Hwy. 36 it's 28 minutes from White Bear Avenue to Hwy. 280.

On westbound 494, it's 41 minutes from 35E to Hwy. 100.

On eastbound 394, it's 25 minutes from 169 to 94.

On northbound 35W, it's 20 minutes from the Crosstown to 94.

A wreck on eastbound Hwy. 10 at Hanson Blvd. has things gummed up starting at Main Street.

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