Several routes continue to struggle, but the drive in the north and west metro seems to be getting better.

Maybe it's because several metro area schools closed for the day, and people decided to take the day off.

The drive is still slippery, but volumes are down on eastbound 94 from Rogers to Maple Grove. That drive is one you can make in 20 minutes.

Hwy. 10 eastbound is looking fairly good with no major delays. 

I-694 in both directions is showing signs of loosening. You will find pockets of slow and go conditions from Hwy. 169 over to 35W. That is about 25 minutes in each direction. Earlier that was taking 45 minutes.

On southbound 494, it's 20 minutes from 94 down to Hwy. 7.

In the east, 94 is still sluggish. It's bumper to bumper from 694 to Hwy. 280. That will take 55 minutes.

Westbound Hwy. 36 is 20 minutes from 35E to 35W.

Southbound 35W is still 40 to 50 minutes from Hwy. 10 down to 94 in downtown Minneapolis.


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