If you have not left for work yet and usually travel on 494, this would be the day to find an alternate route.

In the west metro, it's a very slow roll on southbound 494 from 94 to Hwy. 7. One driver said it was a dead stop at Bass Lake Road.

In the southeast metro, we've have five wrecks on 494 between Tamarack Road and Hwy. 5.  Things have been rotten in that area all morning.  Not much better through Bloomington either. Look for a lane plugger at westbound 494 at France.

There is word of a new wreck on Hwy. 55 north of Jacob near Hastings. There might be another in that area.

Better news for Lakeville drivers as crashes at County Road 46 and County Road 50 have cleared. All lanes open.


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