Drivers on 35W and I-94 are finding it's taking extra time to get into downtown Minneapolis this morning. Heavy traffic and a couple wrecks are adding extra time to the normal commute.

A crash on the right shoulder on southbound 35W at Stinson Blvd. is gumming things up.

It's congestion that is making the trip from Dale Street over to 11th Avenue in Minneapolis a 20-minute drive.

Northbound 35W is hampered due to a stall at 35th Street.

Other places where motorists will encounter delays include:
Northbound Hwy. 169 from County Road 18 to 494 and ahead approaching the Crosstown.

I-694 in both directions from Zane Avenue over to 35W.

Westbound 494 continues to be plagued with heavy traffic. It's 20 minutes from Hwy. 5 over to Hwy. 100.

Eastbound 94 from Brockton Lane down to the 494/694 split.

Westbound Hwy. 36 has pockets of congestion from Dale Street over to Snelling Avenue.

Southbound 494 from the Fish Lake interchange down to 394.

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