The Drive will cut right to the chase. Here are the problem spots:

  • Left lane blocked on eastbound Crosstown at Tracy Avenue
  • Ramp closed westbound 94 to southbound 169
  • Two lanes blocked on westbound 394 just before Dunwoody. Traffic parked into downtown
  • Westbound 94 at 35E, left lane blocked with spinout
  • Westbound 94 crammed Huron to Cedar. Semi stuck in right lane
  • Westbound 494 at Hwy. 5. Rollvoer crash in right lane
  • Semi blocking two lanes on westbound 94 at Maple Grove Pkwy.

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8 a.m. update: Parked on 35W in Minneapolis

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8:20 a.m. update: I-394, I-94 at standstill