A crash on eastbound Hwy. 10 at Hanson Blvd. is finally gone, but expect delays from Round Lake Blvd. over to University Avenue.

On northbound Hwy. 169, it's a vehicle fire near County Road 69 in Shakopee that has drivers slowing to take a look.

A wreck on northbound Cedar at Cliff Road has traffic stacking up from 127th Street in Apple Valley.

Look out for a crash on eastbound 94 at Weaver Lake Road. The bunch up starts at Maple Grove Pkwy.

Here are some current travel times:

North metro

Southbound 35W from 95th Avenue to downtown Minneapolis: 32 minutes

Southbound 35E from County J to I-94: 19 minutes.

Eastbound Hwy. 10 from Hwy. 169 to 35W: 24 minutes

Westbound 694 from 35E to Hwy. 252: 13 minutes. Eastbound is 12 minutes.

West metro

Eastbound 94 from Crow River to 494: 24 minutes

Southbound 494 from 94 down to 394: 20 minutes   Northbound 494, Crosstown to 394, 15 minutes.

Eastbound 394 from 494 to 35W via 94: 10 minutes

Southbound Hwy. 169 from 109th Avenue to Crosstown: 32 minutes

Southbound Hwy. 100 from I-94 to Crosstown: 15 minutes  Northbound 100, 494 to 394, 17 minutes.

South metro

Northbound 35W from County 42 to Crosstown: 12 minutes    To downtown Minneapolis: 26 minutes.

Northbound Cedar Avenue from County 42 to the Crosstown: 18 minutes

Northbound 35E from County 42 to downtown St. Paul: 23 minutes

Northbound 169 from Canterbury Road to 494: 12 minutes

Eastbound Hwy. 212 from Dell Road to Crosstown: 11 minutes

Westbound 494 from Cedar Avenue to Hwy. 100: 11 minutes.  Eastbound 494 from Hwy. 169 to 35W: 6 minutes

Westbound Crosstown from Cedar Avenue to Hwy. 169: 14 minutes   Eastbound Crosstown from Hwy. 100 to Cedar Avenue: 10 minutes

East metro

Westbound 94 from Manning Avenue to downtown St. Paul: 19 minutes

Westbound 94 from 35E to the Lowry Hill Tunnel: 16 minutes.

Westbound Hwy. 36 from Edgerton Street to 35W: 10 minutes.

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