With the University of Minnesota and other schools on spring break, traffic levels are lighter than normal. Maybe that is the reason we have not had any major log jams to deal with.

Folks on eastbound 94 from Albertville to Maple Grove and on southbound 494 from the Fish Lake Interchange to 394 might disagree. They are spending 30 minutes or more from Albertville to the split and another 20 to reach 394 via 494.

Here is the current list of incidents and where you encounter the slowest traffic:

Eastbound 94 at Marion Street in St. Paul.

Westbound 494 at Bass Lake Road. Two separate accidents blocking the left shoulder.

Eastbound 694 at Lexington Avenue in Arden Hills.

Northbound Hwy. 169 at Bren Road in Edina.  Traffic also comes to a grind approaching the Bloomington Ferry Bridge and remains thick up to Anderson Lakes Pkwy.

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