A wreck on eastbound Hwy. 10 at Egret Blvd. has traffic slow from Anoka over to 35W. That trip will take 20 minutes. Look for a crash at Coon Creek Blvd.

On southbound 35W, it's 40 minutes from Lexington Avenue down to Hwy. 280.

On westbound 94, it's 30 mintes from Manning Avenue over to Hwy. 280.

On southbound Hwy. 169, it's 25 minutes from 94 down to 394.

On northbound 35W, it's 20 minutes from Crosstown to downtown.  Look for congestion on the Crosstown in both directions approaching 35W.

On eastbound 94, it's 30 minutes from Hwy. 101 to 494.

Northbound 35E is tight from Lone Oak Road up to the Minnesota River Bridge.


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