A crash on the merge from Hwy. 169 to eastbound 394 has cleared. Ahead, it's 10 minutes to reach downtown Minneapolis.

A stalled vehilce remains on the right shoulder of westbound 94 at Prior Avenue. Plan on 15 minutes between the downtowns. For eastbound drivers, it's 12 minutes from downtown Minneapolis to 35E.

The award for the worst drive goes to the Crosstown. Heading west from 28th Avenue, it's nearly 25 minutes over to Hwy. 169. Going east, it's 22 minutes to make the drive from Hwy. 169 over to 35W.

On 694, plan on 10 to 12 minutes in each direction between 35W and 35E.

Both southbound Hwy. 100 and 169 are looking decent. Plan on 21 minutes from 94 to Crosstown on both routes.


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