That wreck on eastbound 94 at LaSalle Avenue is creating quite a mess in downtown Minneapolis. The activity is on both the right and left shoulders, but all lanes are now open.  Traffic is thick back to Olson Hwy.  That also is slowing traffic on eastbound 394.

On 394, look for a wreck between Penn Avenue and Dunwoody Blvd.

A wreck on southbound Hwy. 169 at 77th Avenue in Brooklyn Park slows traffic coming down from County Road 81. Ahead things look to be moving fine until you hit the work zone at Hwy. 7.

In St. Paul, watch for a wreck on westbound 94 at Lexington Avenue. That is adding to the commute time, which currently is 24 minutes from Mounds Blvd. over to 35W.


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