After a wild and wooly start with all kinds of flooding,  things have settled down on the mainline roads. We currently have no crashes.  We do have a couple stalls that are slowing traffic.

You'll find them on eastbound Hwy. 494 approaching Xerxes Avenue in Bloomington  and northbound Hwy. 100 at Hwy. 55.

Congestion is the main reason for slow traffic on eastbound Hwy. 10 from Thurston Avenue over to Hanson Blvd. in Anoka and Coon Rapids.

Southbound Hwy. 100 creeps along from I-94 down to Hwy. 7. That is 20 minutes or more.

Northbound 169 has few pockets of congestion leading to a 13-mintue trip from Canterbury Road up to 494.

Surprisingly, southbound 35E from Little Canada Road to downtown St. Paul has held up fairly well, despite the storms and road work that has taken out a lane. It's only 16 minutes from County 96 to Pennsylvania Avenue.

Hwy. 169 in the Belle Plaine area has lane closures due to flooding. Be aware of rapidly changing conditions along Hwy. 169 from Hwy. 41 in Chaska to St. Peter.

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