After a quiet and fairly smooth start to Wednesday's rush, the pace on Twin Cities freeways is slowing in quick fashion.

Here are some current travel times:

Westbound 94 from 694 to 35E: 17 minutes.  Ahead it's another 12 to reach downtown Minneapolis

Southbound 35E from 694 to 94: 10 minutes

Westbound Hwy. 36 from Hwy. 61 to 35W: 14 minutes

Crosstown in both directions Hwy. 55 to Hwy. 169: 15 minutes

Westbound 494 from Hwy. 5 to Hwy. 169: 18 minutes

Northbound 35W from County 42 to Crosstown: 13 minutes

Northbound 35E from County 42 to 494: 13 minutes



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