The rush hour is in full swing on eastbound 394 with heavy traffic from Hwy. 100 over to 94.

Also in Minneapolis, you'll find stop and go traffic on eastbound 94 from 7th Street through the Lowry Hill Tunnel. Plan on 10 minutes to reach 35W.

On westbound 694, traffic is locked up from 35E over to 35W. A semi truck is off on the right shoulder near Rice Street.

Westbound Hwy. 36 is extremely heavy from Edgerton Street over to 35W. That is a 12 minute trek.

The Crosstown is quickly filling in both directions from Penn Avenue to 28th Avenue.

Northbound 169 has pockets of slow traffic from Hwy. 101 up to 494. Plan on 10 minutes there.

Southbound 35W continues to struggle from 95th Avenue down to 694. Three earlier crashes that have cleared are to blame. Plan on 15 minutes there.


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