Motorists can expect to spend extra time in the car this morning as most routes are seeing heavy traffic today.

The drive on eastbound 94 from Hwy. 101 to 94/494 in Maple Grove is already at 30 minutes.

Northbound Cedar Avenue is 33 minutes from County Road 42 to 494.

Northbound 35W is 18 minutes from County 42 to 494.

Northbound 169 is 24 minutes from Marschall Road to 494.

Southbound 35W is 23 minutes from 95th Avenue to Hwy. 280.

Southbound 35E is 15 minutes from 694 to 94.

494 in both directions is 13 minutes from Hwy. 169 to Cedar Avenue. There is a spinout with a van in the center median at East Bush Lake Road.

It's jam packed on northbound 35E from County 11 to Diffley Road. A crash is blocking the right shoulder at Diffley.



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