The rush hour ends with traffic moving slightly below the posted speeds on most routes as congestion has loosened.

One snag that is still delaying motorist is on westbound Hwy. 10. Traffic lights at Thurston Avenue are now working after being on the blink for more than four hours this afternoon. Conditions are still tight from Round Lake Blvd. past the scene.

Both northbound Hwy. 100 and Hwy. 169 are looking much better than they were an hour ago when travel between 494 and 94 was taking almost an hour. At present that trip will take 19 minutes on both routes.

Traffic on 94 between the downtowns is flowing nicely with just 12 minutes needed. We do have a stall in the left lane on westbound 94 at Cedar Avenue.

Metro Transit buses are still running behind on 40 percent of its routes with the average delay at 8 minutes. Blue Line trains are on time. Northstar has finished its departures from Minneapolis for the day.

Here is the latest list of crashes and spinouts:

  • Southbound Hwy. 52 at Southview Blvd.
  • Northbound 35W at County Road 23
  • Northbound 35E at Larpenteur Avenue
  • Westbound Hwy. 62 at Shady Oak Road
  • Eastbound 694 at Hwy. 252

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