Icy conditions on the roads have been the story of the morning. Highways and freeways have been littered with spin outs and crashes.

Police are calling for MnDOT to drop sand on the ramps from eastbound 94/694 to southbound 94 and Hwy. 252. There have been four spin outs in the past few minutes. One reports says a pickup landed well into the ditch.

The drive on southbound 35E continues to be awful. A crash is about to clear at Maryland Avenue, but things are bumper to bumper from Little Canada Road to downtown St. Paul. Things plug up again at W. 7th Street due to a crash at Hwy. 13.

Westbound 94 slows near Johnson Pkwy. The good news is the wreck at Hwy. 52 just cleared.

Both north and south Hwy. 169 between Hwy. 55 and 394 crams due to a crash and stall.  The bigger delay is northbound in the area of 7th Street in Hopkins. A seven-vehicle crash has been pushed to the right, but only one lane is open.

There is word the Bloomington Ferry Bridge is like a skating rink. Take it easy if your commute takes your there.

Look out for a spin out on northbound Cedar Avenue at 35E. Things are locked up starting at 127th Street in Apple Valley.

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