It turning into an ugly drive out there with numerous crashes and spinouts. And where there are not crashes, look for slow going.

Here are the current trouble spots

  • Eastbound 694 at Shingle Creek Pkwy. Delays begin at Xerxes Avenue.
  • Northbound 494 at Hwy. 7.  Southbound is tight from Minnetonka Blvd. to Valley View Road
  • Crosstown eastbound at Penn Avenue. Prepare to hit the brakes at Hwy. 100
  • Crosstown westbound at Cedar Avenue. Delays kick in at 28th Avenue
  • Northbound Cedar Avenue at 35E. The jam begins at McAndrews Road.
  • Westbound 494 at Hwy. 169.
  • Northbound Cedar Avenue near the Crosstown

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