Aside from some light showers moving through the metro area, we have a couple problem spots.

The first is on the eastbound Crosstown at Gleason Road. The left lane is blocked and traffic is starting to stack up back to Hwy. 169.

Up to that point, Hwy. 212 is moving well as is 169 both north and south on either side of the Crosstown.

On northbound 35W, a fender bender is off to the right shoulder north of Black Dog Road. Drivers are hitting the brakes at Cliff Road.

You'll find a bit of crowding on southbound Hwy. 169 from 94 down to Rockford Road in Plymouth and New Hope.

Northbound 169 from County 18 to 494 has a pocket of slow traffic, but that's still a drive you can make in about 8 minutes.


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