50 ways to explore the new Eat Street

The dining journey along Nicollet Avenue has never been better. 
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    17 minutes ago

    'Boogeyman' Trump plays to voters' fears to stoke turnout

    Mob rule. A socialist takeover. Terrorists marching on the U.S. border.
    October 23

    AP FACT CHECK: Pence flubs federal statistics on terrorists

    Vice President Mike Pence misstated federal statistics when trying to help President Donald Trump make the case that terrorists are among thousands of migrants moving through Mexico toward the U.S. border. Trump himself acknowledged he's got no proof terrorists are in the mix.
    October 23

    Asian shares mostly higher on strong Japan factory data

    Asian markets have bounced back from their retreat after the report of strong preliminary manufacturing data in Japan.
    October 23

    Trump struggles for a plan should the migrant caravan arrive

    The Trump administration has not settled on a plan for what to do if a migrant caravan arrives at the southern border, despite threats by President Donald Trump to declare a national emergency or rescind aid from the countries whose people are journeying north.
    October 23

    Some police dogs now have cameras, too

    Police dogs have always helped their human counterparts through their eyes and nose, and now some of the dogs are getting their own backup — cameras that transmit live video.