Nesting season is right around the corner, which means we'll soon be spending a lot more time indoors. If you want to refresh your decor -- without springing for a big makeover -- what are some easy, low-cost ways to do it? We asked home furnishings forecaster Michelle Lamb of the Trend Curve to suggest five things for an updated look this season.


Whatever your color scheme, a bit of azure can offer a quick style infusion. "Bring on the blue," Lamb said. Shades with a red cast, such as cobalt, denim, periwinkle and even navy, look especially fresh now. Try them in accent pillows, table linens, vases or dessert plates. "It's the easiest way to taste a trend, and it wakes up the whole room," she said.


These decorative domes (picture the cover of a cake plate) offer a new way to highlight other objects. Group objects on a plate or charger, under a cloche, for a table centerpiece, or use small cloches over individual place-card holders. Cloches are available in all sizes and shapes, usually made of glass but also mesh or metal. "The transparency is key," Lamb said.

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Songbirds, a popular design motif for the past several years, are still stylish, but you can also skip the birds and concentrate on their decorative cages. Fill them with candles or flowers, or let them stand alone as a bold silhouette.


From textiles to artwork to wallpapers, vintage-look layered patterns are increasingly popular, Lamb said. Botanical motifs, such as birds or flowers, are often combined with text, especially Old World fonts, flowing script and faded letters, for a look that evokes an old postcard.


Now that we no longer need timepieces for their function, we're savoring their form, almost as bygone relics. "Young people like watches as fashion pieces," Lamb said. "They don't need them to tell time; nobody does." Clocks, too, both wall and mantel models, are finding renewed favor on the home front. Clocks that look old are especially good, Lamb said. "Roman numerals, even better."