There is precedent in Minnesota for this Yankees nonsense, and it's an excuse to show one of the best hockey videos of all time.

Going into Boston on Feb. 26, 1981, the Minnesota North Stars had a 34-game winless streak at the Boston Garden -- 0-27-7.

That night, coach Glen Sonmor came up with an, uhhhh, interesting strategy.

The fun started 7 seconds in the game.

This video includes an 85-second introduction into the night's events and then gets down to business. (Skip to the 1:25 mark if you already know the story and just want to witness the execution.)

For the record, the North Stars lost that game too.

A couple of months later, though, here's what happened when they faced the Bruins in the playoffs.

Also for the record, Section 219 does not advocate hockey-style violence as a means of solving baseball-style problems.

But it's time to think of something.


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