We drove 300 miles today, and found ourselves in Maple Grove. At least that is how it looked. Actually, we're in Grand Forks to see a grandson graduate from UND. When we drove into the commercial district bordering I-29 to find a restaurant this evening, it looked exactly like Maple Grove -- same stores, shops, restaurants, same signs, same street layout, same everything. Felt right at home. Except, here you can drive three miles west of I-29 and be in a national wildlife refuge where Bobolinks and meadowlarks are singing. I heard them and felt like I had been released from jail. Magpies, seven species of duck, Yellow-headed Blackbirds, three unidentified shorebirds racing me as zi drove beside a wetland. Commerce aside, I love it out here. North Dakota is a very special place for birding.

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300 miles to Maple Grove