Here are three essential Dan Huiting music videos to check out. Each is posted at


Bon Iver’s “Beth/Rest” video: Shot around Vernon’s barn in Wisconsin, the otherworldly footage is meant to represent “slices of time from these lovers’ lives,” Huiting said. Admitting that the video doesn’t make much sense to the viewer, he said, “It makes sense to Justin and reflects things he was writing about.” As with all of Vernon’s video work, “the music lends itself well to opaque imagery. It’s nice to have the trust of someone like him to help realize his ideas.”


Prof’s “NSFW” clip for Filmed in a room at the Aqua City motel in south Minneapolis — “nasty,” “filthy” and “disgusting” are applicable words in reviews at — the video shows the taste-defying rapper performing alongside a couple getting their grind on in the bed. Said Huiting, “It was mostly all Prof’s idea. He actually said, ‘I really want people making out behind me.’ ” Click here to see the video (adult content).


“An Interview With Robyn” for Huiting calls this “probably my favorite thing so far,” starting with the location, Paris, and ending with Huiting’s not-so-indie-cool admission that shooting the Swedish star “was a No. 1 dream of mine.” The segment is much more than an interview, with live and behind-the-scenes footage. A fun postscript to the shoot: Huiting randomly ran into Minneapolis rapper Toki Wright while in Paris. “I can’t escape Minnesota artists, even in Paris,” he said. “That says something.”