With Maui in the rearview, there is no shortage of intriguing scheduling ahead.

Gophers coach Richard Pitino said on Monday that Minnesota is confirmed for next season's preseason tournament: the preseason NIT, which is held at Madison Square Garden in New York City,

"If you’re going to recruit the east coast and we want to recruit nationally, we believe we can -- given an opportunity to play in Madison Square Garden, that’s as cool an arena as you’re ever going to be in," Pitino said. "Makes you feel like you’re a pro when you’re in there."

Pitino also wrote in his Gophers blog that a Nov. 14, 2014 game against Louisville in Puerto Rico is almost a done deal, and that the staff is "99 percent sure it will happen but we are just ironing out some details."

The game would be held on a military hangar on a base there, ideally.

The Minnesota coach had expressed some hesitation in scheduling an immediate game against his father, Louisville coach Rick Pitino, and the perennially tough Cardinals because he didn't love the idea of jumping into a competitive relationship with his dad.

But when ESPN called the elder Pitino and suggested the game, the Gophers coach ultimately decided -- particular after Michigan State AD Mark Hollis visited the staff and shared his thoughts on scheduling -- that it was a move that would be good for the program's exposure.

"I just thought about it and I thought if we want to get to where we’re going, it’s all about elevating this program with everything we do," Pitino said. "It’s not just about beating Florida State tomorrow. We want to get to the level of Ohio State, Michigan State, Indiana, and I think one of those things you’ve got to do to do that is you’ve got to be innovative with your scheduling. [Michigan State coach] Tom Izzo has been a master of that .He’s always been really good at it. I think this is a great way to get our brand out there, to get people talking about Minnesota."

That doesn't mean Pitino is feeling completely at ease with the idea of his Gophers starting out with one of the best squads in college basketball, however.

"I’m hoping they have a bad practice before and they stink," Pitino said. "They’re not always good early, so that’s my hope is that they drop a few early. Anytime you play a team like Louisville, you’ve got to understand what you’re going against. So as much as people are going to make it about Father- Son, when that game starts, it’s all about between the lines. We’ve got a lot of guys back, so I thought ‘You know what? This would be a good time to play them.’"

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