On Thursday I saw a Cooper's Hawk about 1/2 mile west of the east end of Cliff Road, where it ends against the T-road near St. Patrick's Cemetery in Inver Grove Heights. At Black Dog Lake in Burnsville, MN I saw an Eagle  flying off the former Osprey nest on the Power line tower in the lake, plus 2 swans, presumably Trumpeters - probably descendants of the MN Zoo flock (which are evident by pink,/scarlet tags on the wing). I did not see an eagle in the nest - which is within 30 yards of Black Dog Road and the west sluice gate, where a pair had nested 2 years ago.

At the town of Randolph, in the  Industrial Park at about 3PM on Sunday, we saw 3 pair of Redhead and 1 drake Canvasback, plus a Loggerhead Shrike (in the pond near the church) and an American Kestrel. At Lake Byllesby we saw in excess of 1500 Lesser Snow geese, including several hundred blue phase. There were over 1000 Canada geese, and several hundred White-fronted Geese were arriving. There were approximately 1000 Mallards in 3 different flocks on the ice. Near the Snow geese were several ducks in the water, including at least 1 drake Pintail, 1 drake Bufflehead, 1 drake Redhead, a pair of Red-breasted Mergansers, several Common Mergansers, and hundreds of Lesser Scaup/Ring-necked Ducks, plus Mallards. Suipposedly there were Ross' geese and Cackling geese there, but too far out to verify. Several Bald Eagles were seen, and 1 Red-tailed Hawk.


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