This has been touched on a couple different places, but we could help but be amused at a story from 2005 involving Brett Favre and Javon Walker -- then teammates with the Packers who will reportedly be reunited with the Vikings.

Back in 2005, Walker was coming off a huge season but wasn't happy with his contract. Favre wasn't happy that Walker expressed his displeasure by missing mini-camp.

Favre, reached as his home by a Green Bay newspaper, said that Walker is not showing that he’s a “team player” by skipping the recent post-draft mini-camp.

“If Javon wants to know what he quarterback thinks, and I would think he might, I’d tell him he’s going about this the wrong way,” Favre told the Green Bay Press-Gazette. “When his agent tells him not to worry about what his teammates think and all that stuff, I’d tell him I’ve been around a long time and that stuff will come back to haunt you.”

Haunting words, indeed. Continue, Mr. Favre:

“He’s a great player,” Favre said. “I think he can help us. He’s likable and easy to get along with, but I’m guessing he’s getting the wrong advice, and he’s buying into that.

“I just don’t see much good that can come from it. If it gets time for the start of training camp and he’s not in, I think it’ll start bothering him, and he’ll be here. But once again, nothing should surprise you.”

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