A Maplewood woman was sentenced Thursday to two years’ probation for keeping her toddler in a “putrid” home full of rotting food, dirty laundry and a clogged toilet.

Rebecca L. Koecher, 23, was also required to abstain from alcohol and controlled substances, undergo random drug testing and attend a 12-step program twice a week. She pleaded guilty in March to child neglect.

According to charges filed against her and the baby’s father, Clayton S. Johnson, 26: The couple’s landlord called police in early February because Johnson was drunk and banging on his door. When officers arrived at the home in the 1800 block of County Road B, they could smell the odor of something rotting. Johnson, who smelled of alcohol, opened the door and fell out.

Officers found Koecher with the toddler, who was 22 months old at the time. She was passed out on a bed, almost lying on top of her son. An empty bottle of vodka lay nearby on the floor.

Dirty laundry, diapers and food were scattered around the house, and little food was found in the home. The house was declared a health nuisance and uninhabitable.

Johnson pleaded guilty in February to child neglect, and was sentenced Tuesday to two years’ probation. He must also abstain from alcohol and controlled substances, and undergo random drug testing.

Chao Xiong