Let's get a couple of things out of the way quickly before we get to the video.

Did the United States unnecessarily run up the score on Thailand in Tuesday's 13-0 World Cup victory? No. It's the World Cup and goal differential can matter when moving to the knockout round. You can bet that Thailand's future opponents in pool play -- Sweden and Chile -- will do what they need to do in case a tie-breaker is needed. It's the World Cup, not an international friendly. 

Was the United States guilty of excessive celebration during the 10-goal second half? Now that celebrations are allowed again in the NFL, it's one of the things that some fans look forward to avidly. The question is more about whether you like them to be spontaneous or choreographed. And college football's rules on celebrating have created a lengthy fun-sucking section of the rulebook that feels a bit extreme in places, This blog, by the way, is a pro bat-flip zone. We're on Team Fun.

So, in honor of the goals and the celebrations (and because we're betting you weren't watching the game on Telemundo), here's Emmy-winning announcer Andres Cantor keeping up the excitement from the first goal to the last in Tuesday's game. It's up to you whether to turn up the noise or put on the headphones.

Our favorite is Megan Rapinoe's celebration when the United States took a 9-0 lead, 

Also, because we're not that cruel, we do feel badly for the child who couldn't take it any more when the lead became 10-0.

If it's any consolation, that's how many fans feel while watching the U.S. men's team play these days.

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