07.04.12 THE GAME PLAN

THE BUZZ If we could get Brad Childress to pick up Zach Parise, we could unite past and present. That said, Parise doesn't seem like he wants (or needs) the Favre treatment.

REMOTE PATROL Many people would argue that hot dog eating isn't really a sport, but they're putting it on ESPN2 (3 p.m.), so who are we to judge?

Click pick Deron Williams announced he is returning to the Nets in a very basic (and very 2012) way: Tweeting he had made a decision, along with a Nets logo.

STAR GAZING Fighting Saints: Drew Brees won a case with an arbitrator while his teammates, in a separate case, plan to take their bounty suspensions to federal court.

fast (sort of) fact If the Celtics sign Jason Terry and re-sign Ray Allen, the average of their roster will be just under 236 -- the same age America turns today.